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Speedo Big Girls' Spectrum Split Super sale Splice Camikini Piece Super intense SALE Two

Speedo Big Girls' Spectrum Split Splice Camikini Two Piece


Speedo Big Girls' Spectrum Split Splice Camikini Two Piece


Product description

Speedo Spectrum Split Camik (Kid) - Blue At Speedo, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn to swim and love the water. That's why we design our entire Speedo Kids' line with the kind of comfort and performance that keeps kids coming back to the water their entire lives. Features: Vibrant longer lasting Xtra Life LYCRA fiber Sporty back style keeps straps in place No Wedgie Worries for stay put coverage

From the manufacturer

Girls’ Swimsuits amp; Rash Guards


Make a splash at the pool or beach with Speedo swimwear and rash guards. Built to last with chlorine and sun-resistant materials, Speedo swimsuits for girls offer the durability and movement they need to feel comfortable and have fun in and out of the water.

For All Ages amp; Sizes


Begin to Swim: Size 12M – 3T

Comfortable fits and cute looks for baby’s first splashes in the water.


Little Girls: Size 4 – 6

Colorful patterns and classic styles perfect for all-day play.


Big Girls: Size 7 – 16

Durable designs made to keep up with all her adventures.


Youth Competitive: Size 20–28

Practice, race-day or play, your young athlete will be ready to make waves.

Fabric Technology


Chlorine Resistant

Chlorine resistant for superior color retention.


Pilling Resistant

Fabric resists pilling for increased wear.


Block the Burn

All-over protection blocks the sun’s harmful rays.


No Wedgie Worries

Silicone gripper at leg openings for stay-put coverage.

Styles Available


Compare Suits amp; Sets

Infinity Splice

Infinity Splice One Piece

Criss Cross

Cross Back One Piece

Two Piece Tankini

Two Piece Tankini

Short Sleeve Rashguard

Short Sleeve Rashguard

Long Sleeve Rashguard

Long Sleeve Rashguard

Rashguard Set

Rashguard Set

Racing 1 pc

Racing One Piece Swimsuit

Size Range
4 - 16 7 - 16 7 - 16 X-Small - X-Large X-Small - X-Large 12M - 6 20 - 28
Age Range
Little amp; Big Girls Big Girls Big Girls Big Girls Big Girls Begin to Swim amp; Little Girls Youth Competitive
No Wedgie Worries
✔ ✔ ✔ ✘ ✘ ✔ ✘
UPF 50
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Chlorine Resistant
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Piling Resistant
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Speedo Big Girls' Spectrum Split Splice Camikini Two Piece

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Pope Francis names Msgr. Diego Ravelli Master of Ceremonies for Vatican Papal Liturgies, replacing Msgr. Guido Marini

Sailor Moon Venus Phone Case for Anime iPhone Xs 11 Pro Max X Xr
J.D. Flynn
October might be the best month to visit Rome. The summer heat has broken, and the weather is perfect. The colors are starting to change. And the food — mushrooms, truffles, pumpkin, and broccoletti are in season, and wonderful. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Rome this month, and no doubt enjoyed some of those things. But the visit was also politically convenient for the congresswoman...

Nancy Pelosi leaves Mass in Rome due to “security concerns” over Green Pass demonstration, not heckling (as some news reports had said)...

How is racism like abortion?
Chris Stefanick
So how is racism like abortion — and sexual abuse, for that matter? The original temptation of the Serpent that lured Adam and Eve in the garden was, “You will be like gods.” See, God’s plan all along was to make us partakers in divine nature. He wanted us to be like him! The problem with the Serpent is that he was promising a path when we become like gods, without God, without grace...

Autumn is a good time to learn a poem by heart. Here are 21 fall poems we love to memorize...

This wandering wild porcupine was only the fourth-weirdest thing that happened at the Vatican this week...
John Allen
Rome already has become grumpily accustomed to the sight of wild boars roaming through the streets, often feeding on uncollected garbage and generally making a mockery of any pretense at city management. Indeed, viral images of one such family of boars strolling downtown in late September hammered the final nail into the political coffin of incumbent Mayor Virginia Raggi, who lost her reelection bid overwhelmingly last week.

Modern Mirror Glass and Metal End Table, Double Layer Side Table
Ryan Hanning
“Bourbon is good medicine!” Or so claimed the lobbyist looking to leave a loophole in the 1919 Prohibition Act that banned all alcohol except that which was used for religious sacraments and those medicinal distillates prescribed by doctors. While the slogan was exaggerated by politicians (and exploited by the usual assortment of snake-oil salesmen), it turns out there was some validity to the claim...

This Sunday, you get what you give and you lose what you take...
Tom Hoopes
Jesus tells a young man who he is in the Gospel for this Sunday, the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Who is this young man? He is called to greatness, a chosen companion of Christ on earth, made to live forever in glory with the greatest people (and angels) of all time in the eternal rest of heaven that follows the hard work of earth.

5 animals you didn’t know existed...

Do you often cringe after conversations, convinced you made a bad impression? Relax. Research shows that people like you more than you think... ...

True confessions, Miami vice, and the communion of saints...
Ed Condon
Ever wondered if your confessor was letting you off lightly, or if Father X’s reputation for harsh penances meant he should dial it back a little? Ever wanted to know if there are, you know, rules about what a priest can assign in the confessional? Well, this week, Michelle McDaniel talked to several priests to try to answer these questions and let you in behind the grill a little...

The mission of the Church is to recapitulate, in the deeper sense of Sts. Paul and Irenaeus...
Matthew Tsakanikas
The Church Burns would be an English translation for the title of Andrea Riccardi’s recent book, La Chiesa Brucia. He began writing it after Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was severely damaged by fire. The internationally renowned professor saw in the cathedral a symbol of the situation of the Church today in crisis...the Church burns. The book’s promotions make clear that people inside and outside the Church are aware of the crisis and worry that it represents a definitive decline of Christianity.

Biden and Becerra are making you fund Abortion, Inc. (again)...

Why do many of the historical claims leveled against the Catholic Church fall flat?

The Holy Rosary is so important, I’ve written on it 20 times...

Why do Carmelite rosaries have six decades? Why this extra decade?

LIYUHOUZUONC Emergency Whistle Safety Waterproof Electronic Whis

Pandora Papers: As the Legionaries of Christ fought sex abuse claims, secret trusts devoted to it poured millions into American rental properties...

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“Some of the worst we’ve seen in decades” — Vandals hit Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Denver...

‘Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World’ is wildly popular — and faithfully, reasonably Catholic...
K.V. Turley
Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World is an unusual podcast. Dealing with the fantastical, it is both wildly popular and, refreshingly, solidly Catholic. Unlike other successful and more conventional Catholic podcasts, such as Father Mike Schmitz’s The Bible in a Year, Mysterious World deals with theology and what might loosely be described as “the paranormal”...

Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Solution 26mL *Pack of 2 Bottles Only
Amy Smith
One hundred and fifty years ago the Great Chicago Fire broke out. The conflagration burned through the Windy City Oct. 8-10, 1871. And the city’s cathedral was not spared when it was a parish church. In “Chicago’s Cathedral,” the Register reported, “In 1871, the Great Chicago Fire claimed what was then Holy Name Church...

A Protestant discovers the real St. Francis of Assisi — a reformer who didn’t try to start his own Church...

I used to chop 75 pounds of onions a day — here’s a trick I learned to stop crying...

How much does Heaven cost? And are you willing to pay it?
Msgr. Charles Pope
A rich man asks Jesus, Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life? Though his question is a good one, it is problematic because he couches it in terms of his own personal power and achievement. He wonders what he himself must do to attain eternal life. The problem is that none of us has the holiness, the spiritual wealth, or the power to attain Heaven...

Pope Francis launches two-year ‘synodal path’ with Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica...

Bill Freehan of the Detroit Tigers died Aug. 19. He was a Catholic gentleman behind the plate...
George Weigel
As Major League Baseball begins its post-season, let us pause and remember the late, great Bill Freehan of the Detroit Tigers, who died this past August 19: a Catholic gentleman and a great ballplayer. If I say that Bill Freehan was the Motown equivalent of Brooks Robinson, please understand that as the highest tribute a native Baltimorean could pay to a ballplayer and a man.

How much does the Church influence politics? It depends on how much the Church maintains her discipline and focus on Christ...
Jeff Mirus
As a resident of New York State for the first nineteen years of my life, I remember hearing my mother and father discuss whether they ought to vote again for Nelson Rockefeller as Governor of the Empire State, considering that after a period of extra-marital affairs he had divorced his first wife only to marry again almost immediately...

Pope Francis and Nancy Pelosi meet at the Vatican...

Do we have the courage to look behind feminism’s curtain?
Carrie Gress
There is something in the female nature that is drawn to fashion and trends. Words like savvy, fresh, and cosmopolitan evoke a woman who is smart and hip. Trends don’t end with skirt hems, eye shadow shades, and changing seasons; ideas can also be fashionable. For the past fifty years, western women have been told by an unrelenting chorus that feminism is a trend we should all get behind.

Former Swiss Guard: My most powerful weapon is the Holy Rosary...
Mario Enzler
On the liturgical calendar October 7th is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. This feast celebrates the naval victory of the Holy League fleet at Lepanto which in 1571 saved Christian Civilization from defeat at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. Pope Pius V knew well the tremendous importance of resisting the aggressive expansion of the Ottomans and the certain consequences of defeat at their hands...

In money and sex abuse cases, Vatican tribunal shows some spine...

‘Luxury’ 2,700-year-old toilet discovered in Jerusalem...

Pope Francis to Declare St. Irenaeus a Doctor of the Church with Title ‘Doctor of Unity’...

Scandal-ridden Legionaries of Christ named in Pandora Papers...

This priest was busted for homosexual abuse of minors, just two years after his ordination. How did he get past all the safeguards? ...

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