Custom Side gusset bags

Custom Side gusset bags for Coffee Packaging

This is a more traditional bag, and still one of the most popular. It’s also known as a side-fold bag. It is a strong, durable option well-suited to larger quantities of coffee. “Most clients choose this style when they need to pack many grams of coffee, like 5 lb,” These types of bags tend to have a flat bottom, meaning they can stand on its own – when there’s coffee inside them. We points out that the empty bags can only do so if they have a folded bottom.

They are printable on all sides, making them easy to brand. They also tend to be less costly than other options. On the other hand, they don’t feature zippers. Usually, they are closed by rolling or folding them and using adhesive tape or a tin tie. Although they are easy to close this way, it’s important to remember that this is not as effective as a zipper and so coffee beans usually won’t stay fresh for as long.