Custom Environmental Friendly Pouch

Custom Oxo-Degrable Pouches for Coffee Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging is barrier packaging that comes in several forms: recyclable, Oxodegradable, or compostable.

Companies today are searching for a more environmentally friendly approach to reducing their ecological footprint. One way to do that is to use eco-friendly packaging. But for many companies, making the switch can be a daunting process. Laminated plastic barrier films are among the most popular and important materials utilized in the modern world. These materials can enhance shelf life, protect the products for the elements, and reduce weight in transport. But, these same amazing properties make them difficult or near impossible to recycle. Through the use of specific recycle ready materials, your bags and pouches can be recyclable.

One of the big challenges is that eco-friendly materials do not always perform the same as the more traditional barrier materials made of plastics, aluminum, and other synthetic materials. But in the long run a switch to eco-friendly packaging will make your company far more appealing to consumers. We offers several packaging options which can meet your unique requirements.